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Our online services provide a valuable support tool for everyone from the sole practitioner to the global firm dealing with a range of personal and business tax issues on a regular basis.

These services provide the user with highly authoritative and clear commentaries, full of practical examples and written by some of the most renowned names in the fields of tax and accounting. They are also regularly updated and integrated with consolidated tax legislation so the law behind our commentaries can quickly be checked.

Online Products

Bloomsbury Professional’s online tax and accounting products are created to allow customers to make an informed decision on the content they require, providing access to multiple sources that return the results you want with only a few clicks of the mouse.

With a choice of products to match your business requirements, we have the answers to your questions from leading titles such as Scammell’s VAT on Construction, Land and Property and Gerald Montagu’s Norfolk and Montagu on the Taxation of Interest and Debt Finance.

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