Providing market-leading advice and guidance for those working in financial reporting or audit, our range of accounting titles include everything from A Practical Guide to UK Accounting and Auditing Standards to Small Company Financial Reporting. In addition all this information and more is included in our online product aimed at this sector.

Recently Published and Popular Titles

With the revised Pensions Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) having been issued in 2018, Practical Pension Scheme Accounting details the new SORP requirements, guiding practitioners with clear, concise examples including a disclosure checklist.

Take a look at our upcoming 2nd edition of Small Company Financial Reporting by Steve Collings, which covers the impact of the FRC’sTriennial Review and changes to companies legislation on financial statement preparation for small companies and micro-entities.

All our accounting titles are written by key authors in the field, providing both depth and breadth to your practice needs. Be sure to browse the full range of titles listed below…

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Accounting Books

A Practical Guide to UK Accounting and Auditing Standards

As new UK GAAP begins to be implemented in the UK and Republic of Ireland, this book brings together all aspects of UK company law, accounting standards and auditing standards. Unlike any other content in the market, this book aims to be a practical one-stop-shop which takes the theory contained in the accounting and auditing standards and shows how to put it into practice with the help of examples, case... Read more

Charity Administration Handbook

Charity Administration Handbook provides all the information needed to set up and run a charity or non-profit organisation effectively. Written in a non-technical and accessible way, this book is an essential reference work for charity administrators and their professional advisers. Completely restructured to follow the lifecycle of a charity from start up to dissolution, this title also uses helpful signposts and cross-references throughout to make it user-friendly and easy to... Read more

Practical Pension Scheme Accounting

Pension scheme accounts are prepared following the guidance laid out in the Pensions Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) issued by the Pensions Research Advisory Group (PRAG). A revised version of the SORP was issued in 2018 in line with recent revisions to FRS 102 and other minor regulatory updates. The revised SORP is applicable for periods beginning 1 January 2019, and the new edition of this title reflects these changes.... Read more

UK Financial Statements: Presentation and Disclosure Requirements

Accounting standards in the UK and Republic of Ireland are going through a radical change. This book outlines the changes concerned, how they affect companies, what differences exist between the new and the old rules and what practitioners and directors should be aware of in producing financial statements for statutory purposes. To aid this theory, numerous worked examples and illustrative model accounts are included to help preparers understand how these... Read more

Small Company Financial Reporting

The 1st edition of this book was published in October 2015 when FRS 105 was fairly new and there was an emphasis on transition from old GAAP to new GAAP. Whether practitioners decided to adopt the new Financial Reporting Standard for Micro-Entities or the revised FRS 102, they needed to understand the new terminology and formats of the financial statements. Three years later, there have been several new developments which... Read more

Financial Reporting for Unlisted Companies in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Based on 4 years’ worth of understanding, this new edition of Financial Reporting for Unlisted Companies in the UK and the Republic of Ireland details how the standard should be applied in different circumstances. This is conveyed using many real-life examples from practice. The content has also been restructured so it is more in line with the structure of FRS 102. This edition of the title also incorporates the micro-entities... Read more