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General Accounting Books

A Practical Guide to UK Accounting and Auditing Standards

Including UK GAAP amendments arising from the FRC’s recent triennial review, this book takes the theory contained in accounting standards, auditing standards and company law and shows how to put it into practice with the help of examples, case studies and real-life excerpts from financial statements. The aim of the book is not only to inform practitioners what the new standards say, but to interpret the meaning, analyse the differences... Read more

Charity Administration Handbook

An essential reference work for charity administrators and their professional advisers. Charity Administration Handbook, Sixth Edition has been extensively revised to take account of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016, the updated and revised Charities SORP and the new charity governance code. This new edition will bring you up to date on the audit rule changes on independent examination of charity accounts and whistleblowing; in addition there is... Read more

Practical Pension Scheme Accounting

Pension scheme accounts are prepared following the guidance laid out in the Pensions Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) issued by the Pensions Research Advisory Group (PRAG). A revised version of the SORP was issued in 2018 in line with recent revisions to FRS 102 and other minor regulatory updates. The revised SORP is applicable for periods beginning 1 January 2019, and the new edition of this title reflects these changes.... Read more

UK Financial Statements: Presentation and Disclosure Requirements

Accounting standards in the UK and Republic of Ireland are going through a radical change. This book outlines the changes concerned, how they affect companies, what differences exist between the new and the old rules and what practitioners and directors should be aware of in producing financial statements for statutory purposes. To aid this theory, numerous worked examples and illustrative model accounts are included to help preparers understand how these... Read more

Small Company Financial Reporting

This 2nd edition of Financial Reporting for Small Companies reflects three years of practical experience implementing this standard, and subsequent changes to the guidance which were consolidated in the FRC’s recent Triennial Review. In addition, the new content includes: – amendments to the illustrative financial statements to reflect changes in company law regarding presentation and the finalised small company thresholds – additional material on the filing regime at Companies House... Read more

Financial Reporting for Unlisted Companies in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Based on 4 years’ worth of understanding, this new edition of Financial Reporting for Unlisted Companies in the UK and the Republic of Ireland details how the standard should be applied in different circumstances. This is conveyed using many real-life examples from practice. The content has also been restructured so it is more in line with the structure of FRS 102. This edition of the title also incorporates the micro-entities... Read more

Litigation Support

Now in its 5th edition, Litigation Support is fully up to date with the rapidly developing area of forensic accounting and financial analysis in dispute resolution. Part I provides a detailed insight into the way forensic accountants apply their skills to a variety of different types of litigation and dispute cases. Part II serves as a general introduction to the process of dispute resolution through the Courts, through arbitration, and... Read more

Accounts and Audit of Limited Liability Partnerships

Accounts and Audit of Limited Liability Partnerships gives comprehensive guidance on how to apply UK GAAP to limited liability partnerships and takes readers through all the requirements for LLP accounting as a result of the implementation of FRS 102 and the revised LLP SORP. The book includes sets of pro-forma accounts (in particular in relation to the LLP SORP) for both groups and single LLPs and uses practical tips, worked... Read more

Accounting Principles for Tax Purposes

This title is written for tax practitioners who wish to gain a better understanding of accounting rules in the UK, how these are applied in different circumstances to a set of financial statements and what the resultant impact on the taxable profit is. The starting basis for tax computation for a business for either income tax or corporation tax is a set of accounts prepared in accordance with financial reporting... Read more