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Our personal tax portfolio includes everything from Bloomsbury’s Tax Rates and Tables 2018/2019: Budget Edition, our National Insurance Contributions annual to Venture Capital Tax Reliefs. These, and a range of other content, are also available in one of our online subscription services.

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For those working with clients on inheritance tax planning Ray and McLaughlin’s Practical Inheritance Tax Planning is a vital resource that summarises the key recent changes following the Finance Act 2018.

The qualifying conditions for investment relief continue to change and our recently-published Venture Capital Tax Reliefs 3rd edition brings the reader up-to-date investment reliefs available and explains how to make the reliefs work for their clients. It also includes Commentary on the impact on EISs and VCTs as a result of the 2015 State aid changes.

Across all our Personal Tax titles, our experienced authors have imparted their wealth of knowledge to support those advising individuals as part of their day to day practice. Be sure to browse the full range of titles available below…

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Personal Tax Books

Guide to US/UK Private Wealth Tax Planning

This unique book is a concise but complete tax planning manual for those advising high net worth individuals of the UK, US or any other nationality who have UK or US residence, assets or family members. Guide to US/UK Private Wealth Tax Planning covers all the information and legislation you are likely to require when advising clients exposed to both UK and US taxation, providing you with: A quick reference... Read more

Bloomsbury’s Tax Rates and Tables 2018/19: Finance Act Edition

Tax rates and tables updated in line with Finance Act 2018. Now including devolved Scottish and Welsh taxes. Helpful additional commentary included with all rates and tables. Read more

Booth and Schwarz: Residence, Domicile and UK Taxation

For nearly 30 years, this work has provided authoritative, in-depth guidance on the law of residence, including most recently the Statutory Residence Test. Since the previous 19th Edition, the proposed changes to domicile and deemed domicile legislation, due to be enacted in April 2017, were omitted from the first Finance Bill of 2017 but then re-introduced and backdated in the Finance 2017-19 Bill, published in September 2017. This edition provides... Read more

Venture Capital Tax Reliefs

Venture Capital Tax Reliefs, Third Edition provides an overview of the major investment schemes affecting capital tax reliefs including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). This book gives practical guidance on the investment reliefs available and how to make them work for you and your clients. It describes the qualifying conditions which must be met by investors, guides the reader through... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Capital Gains Tax 2018/19

Capital Gains Tax 2018/19 examines the current legislation and HMRC guidance in a comprehensive and accessible style and is an invaluable book for all those who deal with capital gains tax on a regular basis. This established title uses examples and up-to-date tax cases throughout to aid accurate comprehension of the latest legislative changes. All coverage is up-to-date to the Finance Act 2018. Bloomsbury Professional Core Tax Annuals include ‘signposts’... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Income Tax 2018/19

Income Tax 2018/19 is a practical overview of income tax in the UK from one of the UK’s leading tax writers. It covers the day-to-day issues most frequently encountered by tax practitioners, explaining in straightforward terms what the law means in practice. Worked examples are used throughout to aid understanding. Bloomsbury Professional Core Tax Annuals include ‘signposts’ at the beginning of each chapter containing a summary of the main points... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Inheritance Tax 2018/19

This essential guide to inheritance tax provides a clearly structured analysis of the major inheritance tax provisions together with relevant tips, pitfalls and planning techniques needed to apply them successfully. Inheritance Tax 2018/19 guides you step-by-step through the complexities of this increasingly difficult subject. It starts with the basic rules and principles before looking at topics in more depth, including lifetime transfers, gifts with reservation of benefit, settled property, and... Read more

Core Tax Annual: VAT 2018/19

This accessible guide to VAT provides clear and simple coverage, enabling both professionals and non-professionals confidently to grasp current VAT law. With a wealth of practical examples and written in non-technical English, this book is an ideal guide for tax advisers dealing with VAT, and small business proprietors. Value Added Tax 2018/19 concentrates on the rules and regulations you need to know, and highlights numerous planning points and common pitfalls.... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Trusts and Estates 2018/19

Based on Matthew Hutton’s original popular reference guide, Trusts and Estates is now under the expert authorship of Iris Wünschmann-Lyall and Chris Erwood. It remains as practical and accessible as before whilst providing clear guidance on compliance and operation under current law and is indispensable when starting, running or ending a trust, or dealing with a deceased estate. Bloomsbury Professional Core Tax Annuals include ‘signposts’ at the beginning of each... Read more

National Insurance Contributions 2018/19

National Insurance Contributions 2018/19 contains everything you need to know about this specialist area. It outlines how and when contributions are due, how liabilities are calculated and what can be done legitimately to minimise them. This new edition covers the various contributions using a practical class-by-class format. Together with extensive cross-referencing and clear indexing, it enables you to find the answers to your queries quickly and easily. The clear layout... Read more

Core Tax Annuals 2018/19: Full Set

Core Tax Annuals Full Set includes 6 Core Tax Annuals, fully updated to the latest Finance Act. Great value in-depth tax guides that cover all facets of UK taxation. This set of Core Tax Annuals are written by Bloomsbury Professional’s leading UK tax authors. There is no compromise on content or quality, each book examines the latest legislation and tax developments in detail. User-friendly and accessible, they show how to... Read more

Core Tax Annuals 2018/19: Extended Set

The Core Tax Annuals Extended Set includes 8 Core Tax Annuals, updated to the latest Finance Act. A great value in-depth set of tax guides that cover all facets of UK taxation. This set of annuals are written by Bloomsbury Professional’s leading UK tax authors. Each book examines the latest legislation and tax developments in detail. User-friendly and accessible, they show how to apply the new 2018/19 tax opportunities to... Read more

Tax Planning 2018/19

The government and HMRC continue to clamp down on what they regard as tax avoidance and unacceptable tax planning. This can have unfortunate and unexpected consequences for taxpayers, and is soon likely to have unpleasant implications for ‘enablers’ of defeated tax avoidance. There is still much that can legitimately be done to save or reduce tax. Bloomsbury’s Tax Planning annual aims to point out some of the areas where such... Read more

Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

Now in its 36th edition, this highly respected work is a leading textbook for students and an invaluable first point of reference for practitioners. Its impressive list of contributors provide a clear and detailed explanation of the law, with a wealth of practical examples. The accessible format, non-technical language and straightforward approach used in this book ensure that the basic principles are readily grasped and that the reader is armed... Read more

Ray and McLaughlin’s Practical Inheritance Tax Planning

This well-established title is a first port of call for many private client advisers working with clients on inheritance tax planning engagements. The first and last chapters outline the basic principles while summarising the law; the chapters in-between contain clearly laid out advice to aid the adviser in the creation of client-specific planning solutions. All chapters contain a significant number of worked examples to help the adviser in this regard.... Read more

Bloomsbury’s Tax Rates and Tables 2018/19: Budget Edition

Bloomsbury’s Tax Rates and Tables 2018: Budget Edition provide comprehensive, post-Budget coverage of the new revised tax rates, allowances and reliefs, following the Autumn 2017 Budget. Covers the following: Personal Taxation; Expenses and Benefits; Payroll Matters; Shares and Share Options; Pensions and Investments Business Profits Taxation of Companies Capital Gains Tax Inheritance Tax, Gifts and Deceased Estates, Capital Allowances Stamp Taxes VAT Other Taxes and Duties National Insurance Contributions Tax... Read more

Tax Advisers Guide to Trusts

Tax Advisers’ Guide to Trusts, 5th edition is a popular text covering all aspects of the taxation of trusts, from interpreting the legislation and identifying the risks in what has become an increasingly complex area, to highlighting key planning opportunities for tax and legal advisors to help their clients reduce their tax liabilities where possible. The book concentrates on UK tax rules applicable to trusts, resident in the UK or... Read more