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Guide to US/UK Private Wealth Tax Planning

This unique book is a concise but complete tax planning manual for those advising high net worth individuals of the UK, US or any other nationality who have UK or US residence, assets or family members. Guide to US/UK Private Wealth Tax Planning covers all the information and legislation you are likely to require when advising clients exposed to both UK and US taxation, providing you with: A quick reference... Read more

Employee Share Schemes

Employee Share Schemes, Seventh Edition provides a comprehensive examination of the taxation, legal and compliance issues concerning the acquisition of shares by employees in their employer company, whether public or private. With a detailed review of the key issues and techniques involved in establishing and operating share schemes, this practical guide includes worked examples to illustrate complex calculations and a useful series of precedents to assist with implementing and understanding... Read more

Venture Capital Tax Reliefs

Are your clients looking to grow their business ventures? Venture Capital Tax Reliefs, Third Edition provides an overview of the major investment schemes introduced to encourage growth capital investment, including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). The title provides practical guidance on the investment reliefs available and how to make them work for you and your clients. It describes the qualifying... Read more

Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2018/19

Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2018/19 is an invaluable source of money-saving guidance for anyone who advises or runs a family or owner-managed company. Widely recognised as the leading book on the subject, it examines a wide variety of tax planning matters from the viewpoint of the company, its working and nonworking shareholders and its employees. This popular book contains effective strategies for dealing with particular problems... Read more

Taxation of Employments

In this well-established guide, Robert Maas uses his expertise to provide clearly laid-out commentary on the scope of the taxation of income from employments and pensions. This also includes the distinction between employment and self-employment, the means for identifying deemed employment income and the rules around expenses and benefits. Taxation of Employments, 18th Edition takes into account the two 2017 Finance Acts, as well as Finance Act 2018. Among the... Read more

Tax Planning 2018/19

Are your clients fully aware of their tax planning opportunities? The government and HMRC continue to clamp down on what they regard as tax avoidance and unacceptable tax planning. This can have unfortunate and unexpected consequences for taxpayers, and also unpleasant implications for ‘enablers’ of defeated tax avoidance. There is still much that can legitimately be done to save or reduce tax. Written by some of the leading tax experts... Read more

Ray and McLaughlin’s Practical Inheritance Tax Planning

Ray and McLaughlin’s Practical Inheritance Tax Planning, 16th Edition is a long-established first port of call for private client advisers working with clients on inheritance tax planning engagements. The practical commentary addresses the main planning points, potential pitfalls and possible solutions for IHT and estate planning purposes. Since the previous edition this latest title picks up on the important changes to HMRC practice, new case law and legislation, including in... Read more

Tax Planning for Farm and Land Diversification

Tax Planning for Farm and Land Diversification, Fifth Edition has been extensively updated to cover all the developments in this area, in particular regarding subsidies, property development and Brexit-led implications, as well as a greater emphasis on probate preparation and disputes. Every chapter has been updated to take account of the numerous changes in agriculture since the previous edition. As such, it covers: – The need to consider issues of... Read more

Practical Share Valuation

Provides a reference point for practitioners, who may need to prepare or review a valuation of shares or intangible assets, and acts as a practical guide to the more straightforward valuations which are required for tax purposes. Practical Share Valuation combines decades of the authors’ practical experience in order to provide a reference guide to the valuation of unquoted shares and intangible assets as well as a practical handbook for... Read more

Incorporating and Disincorporating a Business

Provides clear, detailed and practical guidance on the tax issues, planning points and pitfalls which may be encountered when incorporating a sole trader or partnership business, or when transferring a company’s business to a sole trader or partnership. This authoritative handbook includes detailed coverage on all tax issues that might apply to small businesses, including income tax and NICs, CGT, IHT, VAT and stamp taxes as well as in-depth content... Read more

Taxation of Company Reorganisations

Made for all practitioners working in this increasingly important area of UK taxation Covering issues relevant to all size of transaction or company, Taxation of Company Reorganisations, Fifth Edition, includes guidance to a variety of topics from the reduction of capital rules, to using them for tax structuring, to EU cross-border transactions. The previous edition was published in 2012 and this new version brings the reader up-to-date with a range... Read more

Taxation of Intellectual Property

Taxation of Intellectual Property, Fourth Edition is the most comprehensive analysis on Intellectual Property as the only volume to give commentary for both individuals and corporates with both a UK and international focus. This title provides a practical and easy-to-use structure following life-cycle of IP within a business. Anne Fairpo is a highly respected tax lawyer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in intellectual property taxation and UK-US cross-border... Read more

Tax Advisers’ Guide to Trusts

Tax Advisers’ Guide to Trusts, 5th edition is a popular text covering all aspects of the taxation of trusts, from interpreting the legislation and identifying the risks in what has become an increasingly complex area, to highlighting key planning opportunities for tax and legal advisors to help their clients reduce their tax liabilities where possible. The book concentrates on UK tax rules applicable to trusts, resident in the UK or... Read more

Capital Gains Tax Reliefs for SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2017/18

The specialist technical information guides you through the reliefs available for your clients’ capital transactions, compares and contrasts how different types of businesses can benefit and gives guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls put in place to prevent the abuse of those reliefs. It outlines the calculation, process and application of the key tools that allow gains to be deferred, held-over or extinguished, as well as addressing the use... Read more

Corporate Residence

Corporate Residence is about the UK’s approach to determining the residence status of corporations and thus their exposure to UK tax. If companies are not managed and controlled in the correct way they could unintentionally become UK resident and so be rendered subject to UK taxes. The question of where a company is actually resident has become increasingly significant, with the international nature of so many business transactions today, including... Read more

Tax on the Termination of Employment

Tax on the Termination of Employment is a practical and fully comprehensive guide to the tax implications that need to be addressed when an employment is terminated. This is a practical guide for practitioners dealing with the tax aspects relating to termination of employment when the employee receives a payment which may be chargeable to tax. In this new edition, the relevant rules are followed by a scenario which will... Read more

EMI Share Options: The Complete Guide

EMI Share Options: The Complete Guide written by David H J Cohen an acknowledged expert in this field. EMI (Enterprise Management Incentives) is a highly flexible and tax efficient means for small and medium sized companies to incentivise their staff. The exercise of an undiscounted qualifying EMI option will generally not be subject to income tax or NICs and any gain on sale of the shares will be subject only... Read more

Tax Efficient Retirement Planning

Tax Efficient Retirement Planning, Third Edition navigates you through the latest UK pension tax legislation and HMRC practice, outlining the main tax rules applicable to registered pension schemes and employer-financed retirement benefits schemes with a particular focus on advising high net-worth individuals. A system in flux The world of UK pension provision is undergoing continuous changes to legislation, regulation and best practice. With austerity cuts impacting on future pension provision... Read more

A Practitioner’s Guide to Powers of Attorney

A Practitioner’s Guide to Powers of Attorney, Ninth Edition is a practical, user-friendly and easy to read guide to all forms of power of attorney including ordinary power of attorney, lasting power of attorney and enduring power of attorney. It is the only book on the market to include the changes made by the Lasting Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Public Guardian (Amendment) Regulations 2015. Offering a... Read more

Tax Aspects of Buying and Selling a Company

Tax Aspects of Buying and Selling a Company, 25th edition (formerly titled: Tax Aspects of the Purchase and Sale of a Private Company’s Shares) ties together in one informative book the ever-increasing legislation, case-law and extra-statutory material, that tax advisers need to be aware of when purchasing and selling shares in private companies. Practical and user-friendly, this popular title provides the tax planning solutions that are found from a commercial... Read more

Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2019/20

Summarises the key planning points from the separate viewpoints of the company itself, the shareholders who work for the company (usually as directors), the non-working shareholders and in some instances the employees. Planning checklists appear at the end of all relevant chapters. Numerous worked examples are also provided to illustrate the practical tax and commercial implications for a host of typical situations Brought fully up-to-date with the relevant legislative changes... Read more

Taxation of Company Reorganisations

This title is an essential reference source for tax advisers who need to offer clear and concise guidance clients who are looking to restructure their business. Drawing on the years of transactional experience gathered by the principal authors, Pete Miller and George Hardy, it includes guidance to a variety of topics from the reduction of capital rules, to using them for tax structuring, to EU cross-border transactions. The guidance is... Read more

Tax Advisers’ Guide to Trusts

Demystifies the subject of tax and explains the tax rules and the way in which trusts can be used in practice as a flexible and effective means of wealth accumulation and protection. This book concentrates on the UK tax rules applicable to trusts, resident in the UK, or abroad, and the resultant tax liabilities of the trustees, settlors and beneficiaries, and opportunities for reducing those liabilities where possible. Since the... Read more