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Bloomsbury’s Tax Rates and Tables 2018/19: Finance Act Edition

Tax rates and tables updated in line with Finance Act 2018. Now including devolved Scottish and Welsh taxes. Helpful additional commentary included with all rates and tables. Read more

Core Tax Annual: Capital Gains Tax 2018/19

Capital Gains Tax 2018/19 examines the current legislation and HMRC guidance in a clear, comprehensive style and is invaluable for all those who deal with capital gains tax on a regular basis. Capital Gains Tax 2018/19 covers: – Recent developments in CGT – Computation of gains and losses and special rules for particular assets – CGT for partners and partnership assets – CGT in the periods immediately before and after... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Corporation Tax 2018/19

This annual guide to corporation tax meets the everyday needs of the busy tax adviser. A collaboration by leading tax writers Pete Miller, Satwaki Chanda and Donald Drysdale, Corporation Tax 2018/19 examines the rules, regulations and tax issues affecting companies in the UK. With its practical and concise style and straightforward format, this book is a useful tool for tax advisers and non-experts alike. Corporation Tax 2018/19 covers: – Introduction... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Income Tax 2018/19

Income Tax 2018/19 is a practical overview of income tax in the UK from one of the UK’s leading tax writers. It covers the day-to-day issues most frequently encountered by tax practitioners, explaining in straightforward terms what the law means in practice. Worked examples are used throughout to aid understanding. Bloomsbury Professional Core Tax Annuals include ‘signposts’ at the beginning of each chapter containing a summary of the main points... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Inheritance Tax 2018/19

Inheritance Tax 2018/19 provides a clearly structured analysis of the major inheritance tax (IHT) provisions together with the tips and planning techniques needed to apply them successfully and to avoid potential pitfalls. This essential guide to inheritance tax helps you navigate progressively through the complexities of an increasingly difficult subject. It starts with the basic rules and principles before looking at topics in more depth. Whatever your level of expertise... Read more

Core Tax Annual: VAT 2018/19

This accessible guide to VAT provides clear and simple coverage, enabling both professionals and non-professionals confidently to grasp current VAT law. With a wealth of practical examples and written in non-technical English, this book is an ideal guide for tax advisers dealing with VAT, and small business proprietors. Value Added Tax 2018/19 concentrates on the rules and regulations you need to know, and highlights numerous planning points and common pitfalls.... Read more

Core Tax Annual: Trusts and Estates 2018/19

Based on Matthew Hutton’s original popular reference guide, Trusts and Estates is now under the expert authorship of Iris Wünschmann-Lyall and Chris Erwood. It remains as practical and accessible as before whilst providing clear guidance on compliance and operation under current law and is indispensable when starting, running or ending a trust, or dealing with a deceased estate. Bloomsbury Professional Core Tax Annuals include ‘signposts’ at the beginning of each... Read more

Stamp Taxes 2018/19

Stamp Taxes provides a detailed overview and history of all types of stamp taxes. Covering stamp duty land tax, stamp duty and stamp duty reverse tax, it looks at scope and calculation, exemptions and reliefs, procedure and administration, and appeals and disputes. It also looks at planning considerations and likely pitfalls in common transactions. Practical and user-friendly, it will be an invaluable asset for tax practitioners, lawyers, accountants and in-house... Read more

Research and Development Tax Reliefs

Is your company making the most of R&D tax relief incentives? UK R&D tax reliefs are at their highest ever level following the Finance Act 2018 changes. This book provides an up-to-date guide to claiming UK R&D tax reliefs effectively. The government’s initiative to encourage innovation and inward investment in research and development gives the incentives new permanence and importance, as the reliefs embrace all types of business irrespective of... Read more

Core Tax Annuals 2018/19: Full Set

Core Tax Annuals Full Set includes 6 Core Tax Annuals, fully updated to the latest Finance Act. Great value in-depth tax guides that cover all facets of UK taxation. This set of Core Tax Annuals are written by Bloomsbury Professional’s leading UK tax authors. There is no compromise on content or quality, each book examines the latest legislation and tax developments in detail. User-friendly and accessible, they show how to... Read more

Core Tax Annuals 2018/19: Extended Set

The Core Tax Annuals Extended Set includes 8 Core Tax Annuals, updated to the latest Finance Act. A great value in-depth set of tax guides that cover all facets of UK taxation. This set of annuals are written by Bloomsbury Professional’s leading UK tax authors. Each book examines the latest legislation and tax developments in detail. User-friendly and accessible, they show how to apply the new 2018/19 tax opportunities to... Read more

Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2018/19

Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2018/19 is an invaluable source of money-saving guidance for anyone who advises or runs a family or owner-managed company. Widely recognised as the leading book on the subject, it examines a wide variety of tax planning matters from the viewpoint of the company, its working and nonworking shareholders and its employees. This popular book contains effective strategies for dealing with particular problems... Read more

Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

Revenue Law: Principles and Practice gives a clear and detailed description of all aspects of UK tax law, which means the basic principles are readily grasped. A wealth of examples are provided to illustrate the guidance given. Now in its 36th edition, this highly respected work is a leading textbook for undergraduate students as well as being useful first point of reference for practitioners. A range of respected names in... Read more

Financial Reporting for Unlisted Companies in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Based on 4 years’ worth of understanding, this new edition of Financial Reporting for Unlisted Companies in the UK and the Republic of Ireland details how the standard should be applied in different circumstances. This is conveyed using many real-life examples from practice. The content has also been restructured so it is more in line with the structure of FRS 102. This edition of the title also incorporates the micro-entities... Read more

Global Transfer Pricing: Principles and Practice

“Now in its third edition, Global Transfer Pricing: Principles and Practice continues to provide a straightforward and accessible introduction to this complex and increasingly important area of business taxation. It offers readers an overall view of transfer pricing as it is practised today, including the recent changes to OECD transfer pricing guidance following the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative. In addition to the theory of transfer pricing, this... Read more

Hamilton on Tax Appeals

The second edition of Hamilton on Tax Appeals contains key updates, including amendments to The HMRC Litigation and Settlement Strategy, to help guide readers through the entire tax appeals process, and to inform them of the likelihood that a dispute will be settled under the new regime. Other updates include the following: The extension of the jurisdiction of the First-tier Tribunal to include appeals in relation to the VAT Mini... Read more

Summer Budget Supplement 2015

A summary of the provisions of provisions of the Summer Budget 2015 and the subsequent Finance Bill published in July. Read more

The International Tax Handbook

This reference guide produced by Nexia International provides an invaluable overview of the tax systems in over 90 countries. The information in the guide is set out in tabular format, making it easier to read and compare different tax systems. Each chapter covers individual countries and provides the following information for each: Legal Forms; Corporate Tax; Personal Tax; Withholding Taxes; Indirect Taxes This new edition continues to include details of... Read more

Property Taxes 2019/20

With an emphasis on practical application, Property Taxes 2019/20 explains the law clearly, with a focus on key issues such as the distinction between dealing transactions and investment transactions, and includes all relevant taxes, including council tax and landfill tax. It enables tax practitioners to find the answers to their property tax planning questions quickly and to keep their clients’ tax liabilities to a minimum. The structuring of property transactions... Read more

Tax Tables 2019

Compiled on the day of the Budget by our expert team and printed overnight so that practitioners have a portable and easy to resource containing all the tax rates and tables relating to the forthcoming tax year. Tax Tables 2019 provides a succinct commentary on the key provisions and clearly laid out tables of new rates and allowances announced in the October 2018 Budget. Read more

National Insurance Contributions 2019/20

Contains everything you need to know about this specialist area. It outlines how and when contributions are due, how liabilities are calculated and what can be done legitimately to minimise them. This new edition covers the various contributions using a practical class-by-class format. Together with extensive cross-referencing and clear indexing, it enables you to find the answers to your queries quickly and easily. The clear layout and practical approach of... Read more

Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2019/20

Summarises the key planning points from the separate viewpoints of the company itself, the shareholders who work for the company (usually as directors), the non-working shareholders and in some instances the employees. Planning checklists appear at the end of all relevant chapters. Numerous worked examples are also provided to illustrate the practical tax and commercial implications for a host of typical situations Brought fully up-to-date with the relevant legislative changes... Read more

Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

This title has been used as a ‘go to’ reference source for undergraduate students on business and finance courses for the past fifteen years. Under the new general editors, Anne Fairpo and David Salter, the content is being refocussed to ensure it remains relevant to the student market. The book provides readers with an understanding the law relating to all areas of UK taxation with extensive cross references to HMRC... Read more