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Legislation strengthening HMRC’s powers is introduced regularly and it is impossible to conceive how practitioners can effectively support their clients without access to a product which keeps track of this rapidly changing area. Robert Maas’s widely respected, Guide to Tax Payers’ Rights and HMRC Powers is updated regularly to keep advisors abreast of issues such as the new VAT DOTAS rules, penalties for enablers of offshore tax evasion and new HMRC powers in relation to the GAAR.

Leading practitioners in specialising in investigations work have collaborated to produce the 2018/2019 HMRC Investigations Handbook which provides extensive guidance and advice for practitioners on all stages of an investigation, including record-keeping, alternative dispute resolution, penalty mitigation and tax appeals.

Ensuring that advisers meet all standards required by their governing professional body and adhere to the requirements of the law is fundamentally important to understand. Our soon to be published title Tax Advisers’ Obligations and Liability addresses the requirements of a range of important legislation including the Criminal Finances Act and Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

Be sure to come back to this page to see what new titles we will publish in this areas in the coming months.

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Taxes Management Books

Guide to Taxpayers’ Rights and HMRC Powers

Illustrates the growing breadth of HMRC powers, which seems to increase every year as successive Governments strive to counter tax avoidances and offshore tax evasion. As this process continues, the rights of tax payers become less evident and this book also clearly lays out what these are as well as the increasingly complex penalty regime for non-compliance and what steps practitioners can take on behalf of their client to challenge... Read more

HMRC Investigations Handbook 2018/19

This title supplies a huge amount of guidance on all aspects of HMRC’s investigative work – special civil investigations, criminal prosecutions, plus self assessment enquiries, VAT and customs visits, penalties and appeals. The practical advice covers interviews with HMRC, revenue information powers, tax appeals and settlement negotiations, plus vital information on the relationship between tax evasion and money laundering. Of all the areas of tax law in the UK, the... Read more

Law and Regulation of Tax Professionals

In the world of competing demands on the UK Exchequer and the ever increasing scrutiny of tax planning and investigations into possible tax evasion it is of fundamental importance for the tax adviser to understand and appreciate the scope of their obligations and potential liabilities. Advisers must meet the standards required by their governing professional body, adhere to the requirements of the law both as to the efficacy of the... Read more